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Want to Improve the Energy of Your Property?


Feng Shui Water Recipe for Uplifting Chi


(Black Hat Approach)




Two “Happy” outdoor water features


Each fountain should have characteristics which enhance and increase good energy by helping to make the water  running within them happy.




How do we do this?


1. water should have good flow within the feature. Make sure the pump is in good working order to push the water. Replace pump if flow does not seem powerful enough. Purposefully point the flow of water toward the center of the property.


* The water will be happy if: 1. it has a place to gather and collect at the bottom of the feature before it flows back up through the tubes into the top of the feature. 2. It forms circles or 8 patterns on the surface from the water flowing and splashing downward from the top.




Where should you place these features on your property?


Career – Place your first fountain on either side of the outside of your front door. Make sure the flow points inward toward your front door or the center of your property.


Prosperity – Place your second fountain or pond in the back left corner of your property. Also make sure the flow is pointing toward your properties’ center.


*Be sure, when picking out your water feature, that you like the look of it. The fountain should give you visual pleasure every time you see it as your attention is also giving it energy as it flows back to you.


ADD AS DESIRED: coins, colored rocks, lights, turtles, money frogs.


Plants are recommended as well but do not let any plant to grow and overtake the flow either visually or otherwise.


Do not allow so many rocks that it prevents the water to gather and pool at the bottom.

Mix Happy and Enjoy.




Here are some studies regarding water that might help you to better understand how water effects your energy:





An Excerpt from The Secret of Water




Feng Shui means Wind and Water. Water is energy manifested and expressed. It is a living source of power for all of us to love, respect and utilize.

If you are interested in more information regarding Feng Shui, please visit my website at


Click on the Feng Shui page.


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Onwards Toward the Pantry Make Over >

My pantry is actually a closet far far away from any practical use. 

But we still manage to fill it up with whatever will fit behind its closed door. Which, as you can see, is a recipe for an upright junk drawer. 

I want a beautiful pantry…..(I’m using a whiny tone as I write this.)

Ok so this is somewhat better…sort of…I switched all the junk out and put my pots and pans inside. This is very good for my back but its still far from pretty. I think I might put some rope light on the inside around the door…..hmmmm.

My “pantry” sits on the other side of this wall and both spaces are nestled under the staires. This closet is a great little nook for my sweet grandbaby girls to play. 

But I am getting ready to wipe it all away and turn the whole area into one big walk-in pantry….if I can sweet talk my husband into knocking out that wall for me first.  🙂

I guess I could do it myself…but I don’t want to!  🙂

I’ll keep ya posted on this little project. Wish me luck!

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Old Formica Countertops Made Beautiful with Paint.

I feel like I’m standing in a new kitchen now. I had no idea how much of an impact the counters were to my whole kitchen, dining, living area look until we changed them. 

Here is a picture of the old ones. Kinda funky but very practical.

 You know how life is….need to spend on everything except the countertops. 🙂 But after 8+ years of living in this house, the time had come. 

We started looking at granite. Who doesn’t love granite right? But, while we were visiting different stores looking at all kinds of granite and even wondering about tile or pouring concrete, I remembered how I used to paint concrete for people YEARS ago. I didn’t really want to do it again until I saw some videos on Youtube of people  using a poured  epoxy method on various surfaces. Then Carl and I both got excited about what we could do in our own kitchen. We both love DIY projects and applying this particular approach to our own kitchen counters looked creative AND cost effective. 

And so….

We did it together. The whole (set it up-paint it- break it down) took about four days with another day or two for the counters to harden. 

But we also painted our cabinets and Carl upcycled our old butcher block. The pic above is the Before pic.

He built a new top and we painted it right along with the counters. I LOVE it!!! So much bigger!

Carl really got into it and he also painted this old lazy susan to look like marble.

I think it looks real. It also shows that anybody can do this. I have been painting for years but this is like only the third or fourth thing Carl has ever “decoratively” painted in his life. 

So I am a very happy camper! 🙂 Love my “artsy”  kitchen! We are replacing the tile this summer. Yay!!!!!  😀 

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I wanted to use my vintage stencils that I have had stashed away for about 20 years. Well, maybe just 15 or so. 🙂

So this was the year. Luckily, I had a board from replacing the fence this summer already  cut, built, painted and stashed away. 😉

Afyer using the old stencil, I embellished the letters a bit by filling in and connecting some of them. A trick I learned from my days at Saltbox Primative Signs. The snow is my favorite part. Maybe because its been so hot this year. 🙂

I added a wreath and hung it on my front door. But I have a storm door so every time I close the door my wreath gets smooshed. 

Handy husband O’mine solved the problem. He screwed the wreath hanger directly into the top of the storm door. So now I can keep hanging wreaths up or whatever throughout the year. 

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Redecorated Space

The formal living room became revitalized by just moving and tweeking a few things around. The antique china cabinet had been on the other side of the fireplace. I felt that it was competing with the windows as well as looking crammed into the corner. Now people can see what is actually inside of it as they walk by.  I aligned the couched with the center doors out to the pool. Sometimes paying attention to those subtle lines can make a huge overall difference in a space.

The Remmingtons were lost in the other family room but now bring an artistic focus into the space.

The gorgeous long buffet was so crowded with miscellaneous decor. I cleared off all of the little candles, crosses, etc. and just focused on the big pieces. I brought the flower arrangement up to the center of the buffet from the floor. 

I moved the silver knight that was standing in the corner over to the formal living room, pictured earlier. 

Everything was moved and repositioned to give this space more balance and flow. This is a fun casual family room right off of the kitchen. Its meant for gathering and relaxing. So the decor is colorful and slightly off centered.

The side table was originally behind the couch across the room. I was able to create a new small entry point at this side door to outside by moving the table, mirror and carpet to the side of the couch. Sometimes doors are in the oddest places but I think they still need to be acknowledged.

I like adding pictures to the wall overhead. It adds suprise and depth to the room. The built in behind the table in the breakfast nook had largely been ignored. Which made it a catch all for things. I found some great pics and family calenders which I displayed in the space. Now, its kind of a lovely little space for grandma to keep her favorite things like all those great pics of grand kiddos. 🙂

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My Creative Process for Twig Garland

This garland was constructed using twigs and hot glue. Extremely easy to assemble. It has been well over a week since construction and amazingly, its all held together nicely. No breaks, nothing falling off. 

I thought of it originally for Halloween. I was going to add items like black birds, pumpkins, etc. But I am loving this natural look and I think I may just leave it up through the rest of the holidays as well. 

I found this old wood frame from a concrete project my husband had created previously. I asked him to take these wood pieces apart and refit them to my door frame. I painted this wood black and it became the perfect layout for hot gluing my twigs.

The week before I began gluing the twigs onto my frame, I sat out on my back porch to enjoy the evening. I saw tree limbs that my husband had pruned from one of our trees out in the yard waiting to be cut down and hauled to the trash. I decided they could be used for my fall decor. So I began to cut them down into these now very usable twigs. 

Here is what this project originally looked like.  🙂

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Making My Own Halloween Props

I painted this piece to look like an old book, but its actually an odd piece of wood I bought for a dollar at Habitat for Humanity. Such a super fun place to shop and get ideas.

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Headboard Upcycle

These queen size sleigh bed headboards made perfect benches for my dining room. I can still seat eight people comfortably without having to pull the extention out of the table. So I don’t have to give up the walking space around the table. Yay! Feels like a good space to gather. 

We bought the wood from Home Depot. The top piece was already precut so that saved us so much time and energy.  Carl had both benches assembled in about two hours. They are very solid and very comfy.

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My Son’s Work

This is one of my favorite pieces of work done by my son Joe Frost. It hangs in the home of a dear friend which makes me happy too. Love love love all the colors and how it all fits together so nice. 🙂

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Early Pumpkins

Once I let go of the idea that pumkins could only come in certain sizes and shapes, I could see pumpkin potential in these scrap landscaping pieces that had been parked on the side of my house for over a year. Yay!!! I just spray painted them orange and hot glued some wine corks to the tops. A little brown paint dabbed on and we are ready to go! I didn’t even sand the wood. Its kind of rough. But I want these pieces to be simple and rustic. They may move out to my porch when I start pulling out the fall decor in a couple of weeks. Just one can of orange Rustoleum spray paint did the trick.